About the Patient Participation Group


Your PPG: What We Aim To Do For Patients

  • Our primary aim is to listen to patient concerns, provide a patient voice and promote a patient led culture
  • Provide feedback to the practice to help provide the best possible service
  • The promotion of better healthcare and treatment

If you are interested and would like to find out more about your PPG, please contact the surgery.

Terms of Reference

Name: The group is called the Highcliffe Medical Centre Patient Participation Group

Aims: To make stronger the relationship between patients and Highcliffe Medical Centre (HMC), which is considered critical to the provision of modern and high quality general practice.


  • Building two-way relationships between patients and the practice
  • Working with the practice to promote better health & wellbeing locally
  • Supporting patient surveys and collecting feedback with the practice
  • Developing  PPG influence through good practice

Membership: The group shall normally consist of no more than 12 patients of the Practice, and this should aim to reflect a cross section of the patient body without discrimination. All members must sign a confidentiality agreement.

Meetings: Routine meetings take place quarterly at Highcliffe Medical Centre, commencing at 15.00. Additional meetings may be called as appropriate.

PPG Members

The current members of your PPG are:

  • Michael Williams (Chair)
  • Malcolm Parsons (Vice Chair)
  • Sue Cardus
  • Ruth Cargill
  • Michelle Dickinson
  • Jan Hartley
  • Malcolm Eastwood
  • Karine Taylor
  • Sheila Burgess
  • Heather Dempsey
  • Sian Hayes

Joining the Patient Group

Invitation to all patients

Highcliffe Medical Centre (HMC) and the Patient Participation Group (PPG) collaborate to give all patients of the practice the chance to become more involved with two main forms of engagement.

Depending on the amount of time patient volunteers have, and the way in which they wish to be involved, there are opportunities to:

  • Join the PPG Committee: periodic (Bi-Monthly) meetings with HMC to review patient feedback & consider how the patient experience might be improved.
  • Build two-way relationships between patients and the practice.
  • Explore any areas of HMC services that might be improved.
  • Conduct patient surveys or collect feedback in the waiting room.
  • Improve communication with patients.

Are you interested?

For more information please contact the PPG.