Practice Charter


Patient Responsibilities

Help the Practice to help you. Being a partner means that we have responsibilities to each other.

  • The Practice requests that you treat the doctors and all the staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Please remember that your doctor of choice may not always be available due to other commitments and holidays.
  • Please do everything you can to keep appointments and inform the Practice as soon as possible if you can’t.
  • A patient should not  expect to be given a prescription at every visit to a doctor. Please check your existing supplies before ordering repeat prescriptions.
  • The patient has the right to ask for a second opinion.
  • The less time doctors spend travelling, the more time is available for patients. Please don’t ask for a home visit unless it is strictly necessary.  Please make requests between 8.30am and 10.00am whenever possible.
  • Please do not call the surgery out of hours except in an emergency. Whenever possible, it is best to wait for the next surgery.
  • If a patient is seriously unhappy with the Practice or the service provided,  you have the right to leave the list and register with another Practice.

Practice Responsibilities

  • You will be treated as a partner in the care you receive.
  • You will be treated as an individual and will be given courtesy and respect at all times. You have the right to be treated with confidentiality.
  • You will be able to have contact with a doctor on the day of request, should you need it, provided that you contact the surgery between 8.30am and 5.45pm.
  • The Practice will ensure that you can have a non-urgent appointment with the doctor of your choice. However, there may sometimes be a delay involved before this is possible.
  • The Practice will explain the likely effects of any drugs prescribed and review your long term medical needs at agreed times.
  • If the Practice believe you need a second opinion, they will try to help you obtain this.
  • A doctor will visit you at home if you are too ill or infirm and unable to be brought to the surgery.
  • The practice has the right to remove patients from their list if they repeatedly and persistently ignore their responsibilities to the Practice and to other patients.
  • The Practice will ensure a doctor is on call at all times.
  • The practice will discuss any issues which may lead to change within the Patient Participation Group and will keep you informed of any relevant changes.