PPG Newsletter March 2022 Edition

Partnership Changes

We are saying goodbye to Dr John Pillinger who is retiring from the practice on 31st March 2022 after 36 years’ service. Dr Lynsey Boreham will be joining the Partnership on 1st April 2022.

We have a new doctor joining the Practice on 14th March 2022 Dr Anna West. Some of you may remember Dr West from when she completed part of her training here.


Preparation for a Blood Test

It is very important that you are well hydrated before coming to have blood taken. Please ensure you drink plenty of water during the few hours before your blood test. If you have an early morning blood test drink water before going to bed and have water when you wake up.

This makes it much easier for the phlebotomist to see your veins.


Dorset Community Action wants to hear from carers

Dorset Community Action are looking to interview Informal Carers and/or Carer groups about their experiences as Informal Carers when the person they support has been in hospital.

The aim of the project (run in conjunction with Dorset HealthCare and Healthwatch) is to find out how to identify Carers better when someone is admitted to hospital, allow them to share their valuable insight into how to support people whilst in hospital and to improve discharge processes when someone leaves hospital.

Carers are often not identified, consulted or informed appropriately during a person’s stay and discharge in hospital. The hope through this project is to gain some in-depth insight into what barriers need to be removed to make the experience of Carers better when the person they support is in hospital.

By listening better to the needs of those who care for patients in hospital, improvements can be made on the experience for the patient, the carer and the professionals seeking to support them during and after their stay in hospital.

Carers can contact them on: 01305 250921


Digital services available at Highcliffe Medical Centre

If you have access to the internet did you know there are various ways you can contact your GP practice and manage your health online?

There are the services currently available at Highcliffe Medical Centre

  SystmOnline Airmid NHS App
Book Appointments Yes Yes Yes
Order prescriptions Yes Yes Yes
View GP Record Yes Yes Yes
Manage sharing rules Yes No Yes
Update demographic details Yes Yes No
Change pharmacy nomination Yes Yes Yes
Message the surgery directly Yes Yes Yes
Show prescription barcode No Yes No
Check your symptoms No No Yes
Manage organ donation decision No No Yes
COVID Passport No No Yes