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Repeat Prescriptions

Please note we do not take requests for prescriptions over the telephone.

Prescription Enquiries: 01425 283244

For prescription enquiries, please call between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm.

Alternatively, prescriptions can be ordered via your nominated pharmacy and be returned to the pharmacy within 2 working days and they will advise you when your medication will be available for collection . Please ensure that your preference is noted on the repeat prescription request slip.

Requests for a repeat prescription can be placed in the red box located in our foyer or sent in the post.

Repeat Prescription


Urgent repeat medication when surgery is closed 

Launch of Pharmacy Urgent Repeat Medicines (PURM) Service. 

What is the PURM service? 

The PURM service has been commissioned jointly by NHS England – South (Wessex) and the CCGs in Wessex to ease pressure on the out of hours service and reduce the number of people accessing GP out of hours services and A&E just to ask for a repeat prescription.

The purpose of the PURM service is to ensure that patients can access an urgent supply of their NHS prescribed repeat medicines from a community pharmacy, when they are unable to obtain a prescription before they need to take their next dose.

When does the service operate? 

The service will be available on Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays and after 6pm on a Friday evening.

If the day before a bank holiday is not a Sunday, then the service will be available from 6pm the day before the bank holiday. 

What length of treatment can be supplied?

The first time a patient accesses the service, the pharmacist can make a supply in accordance with the emergency supply regulations. In general that means no more than 30 days’ supply but there are some exceptions.

There are restrictions in place for quantities and some medication is completely excluded. 

The pharmacist should only make a supply where they deem that the patient has immediate need for the medicine and that it is impractical to obtain a prescription without undue delay. 

How can patients access the service?

Patients who phone NHS111 will be referred to a pharmacy that provides the service. NHS111 will advise the patient to phone the pharmacy first and take ID and evidence of repeat medication when they attend the pharmacy.

Pharmacists can also provide the service for patients who phone or visit the pharmacy and ask for assistance because they have run out of their repeat medicines.

What happens if a patient has been referred to the pharmacy by NHS111 and the pharmacy cannot help them?

The pharmacy will be provided with a telephone number that they can use to refer the patient back to the GP out of hours service. The number will vary for each area and it will be made clear that the number is for health professional use only.

What happens if a patient has accessed the service directly at the pharmacy i.e. not referred by NHS111 and they cannot help them?

They will need to provide advice to the patient and it may be appropriate to refer the patient to the GP out of ours service using the access number. 

Can the service be provided to a patient’s representative?

The service should normally be provided directly to the patient. However in circumstances where this might not be possible, for example if the patient is a child or is being cared for, the pharmacist should use their professional judgement and consider the best interest of the patient.

Patient education is an important and compulsory part of the service to avoid patients having to access the service again. Patients using the service may be good candidates for electronic repeat dispensing in future – please speak to your Pharmacist or a member of the Prescriptions team here on 01425 283244.