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Help with transport to Covid-19 vaccinations

If you, or someone you know, needs help getting to your Covid-19 vaccination, there are several local community transport schemes available.
Find out about local services here

You can also contact sedcat (South East Dorset Community Accessible Transport), as they have extended their service to help more local people travel to their Covid-19 vaccination appointment. To book, call 01202 534027 (10.00am-2.00pm) weekdays.


Covid Vaccinations

We would like to reassure you that Highcliffe Medical Centre and all the other practices in Christchurch are fully committed to the Covid vaccination programme, which is on-going in our community.

There will be large numbers in the next few weeks and we shall make contact with you to offer an appointment when it is your turn.


What is the current situation for Highcliffe?

7103 patients have received their 1st covid vaccination up to 9th March 2021. 


Why some Covid vaccines cannot be given at Highcliffe Medical Centre?

The locations for vaccination have been centrally controlled by the NHS; Stour Surgery and Barn Surgery have been selected as the hub sites for Christchurch and many residents are being vaccinated there, including Highcliffe residents. The Pfizer vaccine is fragile and cannot be moved too often and so can only be given at these hub sites.

The Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine can be transported more easily and, when available, will be offered at Highcliffe Medical Centre and in patients' homes.


How is it happening?

Vaccine has been procured via Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and medical, nursing and reception staff have been working extra days to provide the vaccination programme.

Many of our staff have volunteered to work on their days off and their commitment to this cause has been outstanding.

When we are certain of vaccine deliveries, we are calling patients in the risk groups to book appointments.

As you can imagine, we have had no difficulty filling all our appointments and no vaccine has been wasted


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