Highcliffe PPG Newsletter Autumn Edition 2021

The last 18 Months

The last 18 months have been probably the most challenging time in primary care that I have ever known.

As a practice we have had some big challenges. It has been weird, scary and very hard. We are a bit bruised and battered but we have delivered primary care to a level we feel very proud of.

Somehow, we have kept our team spirits up. We have not been immune to covid and, as well as patients, staff also have had families who have been affected.

We feel we are over the worst and now getting back to business as usual.

The challenge for us is unpicking the last 18 months and meeting patients’ expectations.

There has also been a huge expansion in services provided.

We have not stood still and implemented lots of new things going forward.

Dr Ravin Ramtohal



For either COVID 19 BOOSTER vaccinations or Flu vaccinations, if you are over 50 or have a long term condition that makes you more vulnerable, please wait for the practice to contact you.

Appointments will be available to book in the coming weeks.

We will keep our Facebook page and website up to date with the latest news.


The Appointments System

The objective is to allocate an appointment with the most appropriate clinician to attend to the condition described. This will normally be with a GP, Nurse practitioner or one of the other practice nurses.

In some cases, a telephone call to the patient is sufficient.

How we operate our appointments

A member of the admin team will ask you about your presenting condition and whether it is urgent or routine.  It is important to give us this information.

Needed on the day (urgent)

You will be asked more questions so as to be able to direct you to the most appropriate healthcare professional in our team.

Duty Clinician 

A member of the duty team will call you on the day and discuss your problem over the phone.  They will make a clinical decision and confirm whether you need a routine or urgent appointment with a doctor or other clinical practitioner.

Clinical Practitioner

You will be offered an appointment with a clinical practitioner at the surgery.

Not needed on the day (routine)

You will be offered the next free appointment, the availability of which will depend on patient demand and, if you want to see a specific clinician.


This newsletter, produced quarterly, is a collaboration between Highcliffe Medical Centre and Highcliffe Medical Centre Patients Participation Group.